I finally snagged a pack of these…and have brewed two batches with it. After chilling and letting the kettle sit for a bit…it’s amazing looking inside and seeing this layer of ultra clear liquid sitting on top of a pile of crud :slight_smile: the first is still in primary and is nearly completely clear after two weeks…will this transfer to clearer beers once it’s bottled as well? Wish I would have grabbed these tabs when I first went all grain.

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1/2 tab of whirlfloc at 5 mins before end of boil works wonders for clear beer. I always keep some on hand. :innocent:


Irish moss works the same way doesn’t it? That’s what I use, I guess 6 of one and half a dozen of another. :beers:

same here i do use irish moss
but what would you all say whirlfloc or irish moss

Of what Ive been reading up on, whirfloc is a tablet form of irish moss, they are the same. Dont quote me on that…
I just started to use the irish moss, havent used the whirfloc yet.

They’re kind of the same… Whirlfloc is refined, and I find it easier to use and more effective. Irish moss needs to be rehydrated for a bit before its used, and it works just fine as well. But between the two, I prefer Whirlfloc as you just need to toss it in with 10 or 15 minutes left in the boil.

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The stuff does make a big difference. I intentionally left it (whirlfloc)out of my recent NEDIPA as that was the "partial " consensus on another forum. Despite doing an in series IC resulting in quick chilling, the break was practically nonexistent . Thankfully I’m not looking for a clear beer this time and I’m not afraid of a little trub.