Whirlfloc in a Black IPA

I’ve recently begun using whirlfloc with fantastic results. My beers are much clearer and brighter in appearance then they had been in the past. I’m brewing a black IPA next week. I use 1/2 lb of chocolate wheat and 1/2 lb of black patent in a 5 gallon batch so the beer will be pretty dark. Is there any benefit to using whirlfloc other than for clarity?

I don’t know what other people will say, but I have just got in a habbit of always adding whirlfloc. I don’t think you would notice any taste change, but possibly some visible haze. I still tip my dark beers in the light to see if they are clear.

I just did a Black a few weeks ago and it’s the second time for this recipe and use Whirlfloc both times.
Just kegged it Sunday so it’s too early to see the benefits but it works well for me.

I also think one of the problems of using plain irish moss is that the instructions really aren’t in line with the way you are supposed to use it.

Whirfloc is just rehydrated irish moss i think. I have a small thing of IM left, and what I’ve been doing is once I start my boil, I drain off a few ounces of wort into a coffee mug and sprinkle 1-2T of irish moss in there, then throw it in with 20-25 min left in the boil. great results. as opposed to just adding it dry for last 15 min of boil.

Whirfloc is the bomb though. So easy, like a Campden tab.

Keep in mind that you can detect clarity even in a dark beer. I use Whirlfloc or IM in every beer, no matter how dark it is.


One tablet is good for 20 gallons add 5 min before the end of boil.


One tablet is good for 20 gallons add 5 min before the end of boil.[/quote]

If you don’t have a pill cutter–and have been making a huge mess of trying to cut your tablets in half, like I have–just put the whole thing in. Won’t hurt it any.

You can detect clarity in a “black” beer too, it should be a deep ruby red color when held to a light. Clarity isn’t just cosmetic though, the same compounds that contribute to haze also contribute to premature staling. I always use irish moss, except for when I forget. :slight_smile:

I also use it in all my beers except for Hefes and wits since well they don’t need to be clear. I do cut mine in half mostly because I do smaller batches. I use my nice very sharp chef knife and a cutting board. Usually only get minimal crumbing (but when I do I just scoop it up with the knife and thrown in).