Whirlfloc beer tablets

A friend of mine gave me one of these and suggested I use 1/4 tablet in one of my 1-gallon batches. I just siphoned a batch of German Blonde into the fermenter and suddenly there was a lot of stuff suspended in the wort. It seems to be settling down slowly, but there’s so much of it I’m afraid I will end up losing a lot. Anyone have any suggestions?

Best suggestion I have for you: brew larger batches, so you don’t have to sweat trub loss. :wink:

Nothing you can do at this point. Your trub loss may not end up being as bad as you think, though. Also note that it is normal to lose beer to trub in the kettle and in the fermentor.

To minimize trub loss in the future, you could whirlpool after cooling (stir the wort rapidly in the kettle in a uniform circular motion to encourage solids to settle to the center of the kettle), let the wort rest for ~30 minutes so the solids can settle and then rack being careful to leave as many of the solids behind as possible. If you’re cooling an ice bath, you can whirlpool while in the ice bath which will also speed cooling.

Same thing happened to me, but 1/2 a tab in a 2.5 gallon batch. Like the beersnob says, whirlpooling and settling makes the difference.