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Whirl-Floc vs Irish Moss

I was just informed that there is a difference in coagulation performance between Whirl-Floc and Irish Moss. Does anyone know if it is true that the Whirlfloc will precipitate out and settle more quickly, but that the Irish Moss will precip out as larger particles? I am being told that Irish Moss is favored for getting the trub to whirlpool into a cone because of the larger particulates, and that Whirlfoc precip be disturbed more easily making less suitable for whirlpooling?

I don’t know if any of this is true or not.

I’ve used both for many years and don’t see any difference other than the form.

I’ve used both as well and noticed no difference, so I’m partial to Whirlfloc tabs simply because I don’t have to measure anything. Just drop in a tab and you’re good.

FWIW, one Whirlfloc tab is good for 12 gal., so if you’re making a 5 gal. batch you can use 1/2 of one.

Awesome. Didn’t know that. I’ll definitely start splitting them to get double the mileage out of each bottle :slight_smile: Thanks Denny!

Yep, that’s exactly what I do, too!

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