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While Cleaning my Keg

I soaked my keg without 3gl of one step and then flipped it over and soaked the top half in a 5gl bucket. when i went to dump it out and rinse the keg out my hands started turning black from the rubber. Does this always happen? Is it because of the cleaner i used?

Yes, that happens. Nature of the beast. You could pick up some rubber glove if you like.

It happens because the rubber is oxidizing and breaking down, not from the cleaner but just because it is old. P-J recommends Mother’s Back to Black to restore the rubber on kegs, I haven’t tried it myself. But yeah, it does suck.

Same thing happened to me the other day, I was annoyed. Oh well, still beats the sh*t out of bottling.

Very True Beersk; small price to pay. It happens on mine less and less after each clean.

That’s why I have the ones with colored handles they won’t do that.

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