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Which would you do?

My IPA tastes like crap. It’s about five weeks conditioned in the bottle. After four weeks I had moved it from the warmer room to a room that is about 50 - 55 degrees. Would you move it back to the warmer room to reinvigorate the yeast to condition try and condition out the taste or just leave it where it is and forget about it for a few more weeks.

…I’m holding out hope that this taste is something that may condition out versus being a true off flavor that I have to dump.

For what it’s worth the beer is very clear, has great color, and a very nice head retention.

describe crap

It has a harsh after taste. I’m not sure if it is bitter or astringent. I have a hard time describing it as the more i try to taste it to figure out what it is the harder it is getting for me to describe it. I feel like i’m begining to have the placebo effect (if i think it could be there, i think I can taste it).

LOL…I don’t drink IPA because to me:


Not really laughing, but maybe it’s normal. Get an IPA junky to try it. Unless of curse you’re an IPA junky, then it probably does taste like crap and you need to start over.

good luck.


Hello, My name is Mike, and I am an Hop head. I have been clean for…12 hours i think??

if one of mine really turns out much worse then expected, I go back to my brew-session notes and see if I can trace it to perhaps one of these.:

  1. poor fermentation temp control (usually to hot)
  2. old hops
  3. stale grain
  4. bad water (i use my tap water but always filter first. if filter is bad, water tastes bad and so does the resultant beer.)


I am with thome9 here. Define crap. Check out an off flavors discussion and see which fit and the remedies. I am sure there has to be a thread here or in one of the books referenced here.

If its clear and amber and has good head retention, its been conditioned enough. If it tastes like someone spiked the boil with a turnip, its infected.

I have read through Palmer a couple times. The closest thing to what I taste is the description of astringent. Regarding Stormy’s post, very confident that I do not have an issue in those four areas.

This was my first partial mash and I mashed on the stove top, and had a hard time with pockets of high temps within the grain.

Oh well, I think i’m going to try and ignore them for another couple weeks and if they still taste crappy, i’ll toss them.

What was the recipe, ingredients, mash/hop schedule, yeast, ferment temp?

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