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Which Pils malt for Bo Pils?

My lhbs carries Germany pils and Belgium pils malt. Their website does not say who makes which malt. I want to make a Bohemian pilsner. Which malt should I get and why?

Either one will work great for Bo pils. I’d try to find out who made the malts and decide based on that.

Yes, just about any German or Belgian pils malt will make an excellent Bohemian. Weyermann does produce a pils malt made from Czech barley … &sprache=2

That might be the most authentic stuff readily available but any of the above mentioned pils malts will do a great job. :cheers:

Turns out they had Weyermann (German) and Castle (Belgian). I bought a 55# sack of the Weyermann’s I hope I like it. Thanks for the input.

Castle pils is excellent malt.
I actually mix both pilsner malts for Bo Pils.

Don’t mean to thread hijack but what about using 2 row brewers malt instead of Pilsner malt? I understand the final beer would be different. I typically use 2 row pale malt, not brewers so I haven’t brewed with it much. This is for a Bopils recipe. Just wanted thoughts and opinions on using it instead.

Weyermann makes a Moravian pils malt that is probably the most appropriate from a purist perspective. How much different it is, I don’t know.

You can use 2-row, its just slightly darker and will have more of a cracker flavor than the soft sweetness of the pils. If you use Saaz hops it should distinguish it adequately from a cream ale style.

Not Pale malt, but brewers malt. Brewers is lighter and less kilned than Pale AKA Pale ale malt. I’m thinking it would work just fine but have less grainy sweet character compared to Pilsner malt but I’m not absolutely sure.

Portage: Are you talking about Briess 2-row? That’s the only one I can think of that calls itself “brewer’s malt.” AFAIK 2-row = brewer’s malt. That’ll work fine for a pils if you’re not too concerned about it tasting exactly the same.

For lighter malty beer like lagers, I like to use a 50/50 mix of whatever pils malt I have on hand, and whatever 2-row or pale I have. I’ve made pils-type beers with 100% pale malt but they don’t taste the same. Back-to-back I could probably tell the difference between one that’s 100% 2-row and one that’s 100% pils, but I doubt I could guess which was which.

[quote=“Thirsty_Monk”]Castle pils is excellent malt.
I actually mix both pilsner malts for Bo Pils.[/quote]

I tend mix my Golden Promise and Maris Otter for English beers. Don’t know why I didn’t thinkd of that for a Pils.

Just brewed a Sam Adams Noble Pils type “beer” and the clone recipe is a blend of two row and pilsner malts too.

I would stick with the European malt if you want that Bohemian character. The American malt will make a good beer, it just won’t have the malt complexity of the German or Belgian Pils malt. I try to get the Weyermann Bohemian malt when I can. I just made a Bohemian pils with it, and it is great.

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