Which is worse?

Still trying to perfect my all grain process. Which is worse at the end of a 60 minute boil. To have too much wort and have keep boiling for say 30 minutes or more. Or be under volume and have to add water to the fermentor to get where you need to be?

To much wort, especially in a beer with a lot of hops since it will increase the hop utilization and may end up to bitter.

So is topping off with distilled water completely acceptable as it would be in extract?


Before topping off for low volume, check your specific gravity. The SG may be where you want it.

Another thing is if you check your OG and it is low add DME to increase the OG to what you want instead of boiling it down. If you check BG, which I recommend, you can boil longer if you are low but only add the hops according to your schedule. Volume is the easiest to control once you dial in your system you should be able to nail your volume. Gravity is a little trickier.

Neither one of those situations is a particularly big deal.

Your probably right the beer will be fine but if your trying to get the numbers that you calculated that’s what I would do or not.

Agreed. I was just getting at the point that one isn’t worse than the other and neither is a big deal.