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Which Grains to Order?

Hello Everyone,

I’m considering brewing up an English Special/Best/Premium Bitter for my second AG batch. The recipe comes from “Brewing Classic Styles” and calls for the following:

“I’m Not Bitter, I’m Thirsty”
OG: 1.049

9.5 lbs. British pale ale malt
.5 lb. Aromatic (20L)
.5 lb. Crystal (120L)
.25 lb. Special Roast (50L)

This will be my first recipe that does not come as a pre-packaged kit, and I am looking for some direction as to which specific grains I should order from NB. If anyone has made this recipe before or could clue me in as to which grains would work best, I’d be much obliged – the terminology involved in the labeling of grains is still very new to me.

My suggestions would be:

9.5 lbs. British pale ale malt - … otter.html
.5 lb. Aromatic (20L) - … -malt.html
.5 lb. Crystal (120L) - … ystal.html
.25 lb. Special Roast (50L) - … roast.html

Though personally, if I was brewing an ESB it would be >90% Maris Otter, with some UK Medium and/or Dark Crystal, and maybe a smidgen (<1%) of chocolate malt for color.

You can’t go wrong with Warminster Floor-malted Maris Otter!

And yet another big “thank you!” goes out to Silverton, CO. Thank you both for your help…

I make fine special bitters with just Maris Otter and 10% British crystal 40 or 60. +1 to the idea that aromatic and special roast malts are almost redundant when you’re using MO.

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