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Which digital PH meter?

The test strips will not work for due to color blindness. I am looking at two digital ph meters to measure mash ph. The economy one is $27 and is disposable. The ph 56 was $66 at the store. the electrode is replaceable but at $33 is more than the PH600. Is there any reason to go with the more expensive meter? ... meter.html ... rtini.html

I bought the pH 56 because of the 2 decimal place readout and the 2 point calibration. I don’t know if I really need that second decimal place but I don’t feel comfortable with a single point calibration. I would rather bracket my measurement range with 2 points.


Of the two, I would go with the pH56. For the replaceable electrode and the double point calibration.

I use a Hanna 98127 and have been very happy.

What’s a single point vs. double point calibration?

As far as the replaceable electrode, NB told me the replaceable electrode is more than the entire economy tester.
How long do the electrodes last? NB workers thought 12-18 months.

Where did you buy yours and how much did you pay?

I own the same Hannah meter as Baratone and have also been happy with it’s performance. I’ve had it for almost 2 years and it still calibrates well. However, the batteries recently died and had to be replaced to the tune of $20. The $100 bench top meters all use AAA batteries rather than watch style batteries. If I was going to do it over again I’d get one of those because the replacement electrodes are cheaper for them as well.

I purchased my Hanna 98127 online a few years ago. I think it was from Amazon for around $80 and it came with a case and calibration solution. You still need to pick up storage solution.

JLap, not sure where you got your batteries but I don’t pay anywhere near $20 to replace the ones in mine.

Isn’t the storage solution just the ph 4.0 calibration solution?

The Hanna storage solution is prepared with high grade Potassium Chloride and Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate by titration with NIST 2201 standardized Silver Nitrate and NIST 84j standardized Sodium Hydroxide Solution and has a PH of 3.5.

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