Where to Purchase a Boston Red Ale

Way back about 2 years ago when I first started brewing I purchased a partial mash recipe for a Boston Red Ale. It seems they no longer make it. I was wondering if anyone knew of it and where I might purchase an all grain kit? My son (the beer snob) told me tonight that it was the best beer I’ve ever brewed, he said it needed a bit more hopes though :slight_smile:


Some Boston Red recipes in Brewtoad. One may be close.

Also found this recipe from Barley and Hops

Thanks Flars. I already saw that second one and passed on it because the ABV was only 3.7%. The beer I brewed was from Midwest Supplies.

Found this with a google of midwest supplies boston red ale. Replace the extract with enough 2 row to get your target abv and you should be in business.

specialty grains of this recipe result in a slightly sweet; red-colored

Our ingredients for this recipe include 3.3 lb. of Light Malt
Extract; 3.5 lb. American 2-row malt; 8 oz. Aromatic; 8 oz. Caramel 80L;
2 oz. Tettnang pellet hops; priming sugar; and yeast. - See more at:

Danny thanks…that should work with 4 lbs of the 2 row to replace 3.3 lbs of the LME

You may not hit it spot on first time but it should be close. Hop utilization may be different if you did a partial boil on the extract kit.

Sometimes it takes a couple batches to get a recipe dialed in but that’s part of the fun for me. I’m still working on my Smithwick’s clone after 4 tries. Got pretty close with this last batch I think.

Danny, Yea I can already see the potential in batch sparging. I need to get about 3 -4 different brews that I do well and stick with them. My son pointed out that I have never brewed the same beer twice!! Lately I am not doing well. My last 3 brews were mediocre.