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Where to plant my hop

I have one hop plant in my yard that grows very well but I don’t know the variety. I will be planting some centennial hops this spring. I wanted to know how close I can plant the new centennial hop to the other hop plant?

ROT, 5-6ft for different varieties.

Not to hyjack your thread but this is kinda on the subject of where. I was curious if any of you have found that full, or partial sun works better. Going to plant some and wanted to know if anybody found they did better on the hot, full sun side of the house or maybe a cooler, morning sun planting spot.

Full Sun.

Full Sun.[/quote]
+1, the more sun the better

Full sun… plant in area that drains well and water often.

I planted mine in full sun away from direct reflections from a car or side of house. Kansas summer sun/reflected heat can get pretty brutal on plants.

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