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Where oh where did I go wrong?

Maybe I haven’t waited long enough or maybe I am in trouble haha…I bottled my first batch of beer (Irish Red) on 1/28/14 (a week and a day ago) I have had them in the basement where they fermented and stays at a steady 62-66 degrees…but, I still have NO carbonation! the taste of the beer is good (as good as flat beer can be) but it doesnt seem to be carbonating! I followed the directions on the primer sugar bag…any suggestions??? :shock:

you need to wait one more week plus six more days…patience grasshopper

If it’s closer to 70 upstairs, I’d move them up there. also, more time.

Awesome thanks guys! Will def go ahead and do both! :cheers:

Now that they are bottled you can also move them to a slightly warmer place, maybe upstairs where it might get up to 68-72. Finally you can give each one a small little swirl. Just pick the whole box up and swirl it around just 1-2 times, just a very slight little bit…

That first batch is sooooo hard to wait for, isn’t it? I usually wait a month after bottling before opening the first bottle.

Yeah it is…I will just have to pass the time by brewing another…seeing the empty carboys is plain old disappointing! I think it’s time to get a move on my pumpkin ale!

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