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Where is the five gallon line on a better bottle carboy?

I seem to remember when I bought it the salesman telling me it was the top of the label, butthen I think I might be making that up…

There are images on the BB website:

Click the ‘Carboys’ menu at the left and pick the size you’re looking for. There will be an image showing the gallon marks at the top of the page you go to.

The graduation information on the BB site is not very useful IMO. If you’re like most people and don’t have a high capacity scale, the best way to know how much volume is in your BB: using a container with a known volume, pour water to your BB and add graduation lines with a permanent marker. I’ve done this for each of my BB’s using a graduated, half gallon pitcher.

I think the BBs are a lot more uniform than glass. I just racked a batch to a 5gal BB last night and it was pretty darn near the neck.

On all my 6.5gal BB’s the 5 gallon mark is just below the bottom of the first bump out.

Funny, on mine the five gallon line is on the first bump, about 1/4" from the bottom. Also, a minor point, but I don’t believe they make a 6.5 gallon carboy. Only 6 gallon.

How are y’all measuring? I bet the difference between those two marks is well within the margin of error on household measuring cups.

on a 6g it is right around that bump,

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