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Where do i buy sanke kegs?

Tried scrap yards found and bought only 1. Seached net found none. So are there any places that will sell a small quantity retail?

You can try here:

I would personally just wait it out on craigslist but if you’re in a hurry that might not be an option. Not sure if this is the moral thing to do but you could always get a full keg, throw a party, keep the keg, loose your deposit. Some friends and I briefly discussed this and decided it wasn’t the right thing to do so we waited and found some others for sale.

Are you planning on kegging in them or converting them to keggles? Not sure how crazy shipping would be, but if you are in the market for a couple of keggles I may have a couple for sale.

I thought that said snake legs at first. they would be very difficult to find.

Not legal but you certainly wouldn’t be the first to do it. Let your conscience be your guide.

If there aren’t any on your local Craigslist, you could try posting a “wanted” ad for them. I see one on my local CL right now offering $20 for them.

If it was damaged beyond repair, from a defunct brewery or a real old one like a Hoff Stevens tap I wouldn’t feel bad about cutting one up for a keggle.

Thanks everybody. But I lucked out. A fellow at work has a few kegs he will let me have for 30 bucks.

Yep those $30 kegs cost a brewery $120. Why should you care. I say this because I’m on the other side and will not get SS kegs cause of the homebrewers and scrappers.

I care, I have friends in the business . That’s why I was looking for an honest way to buy keys. I guess now that I think about it. The bud lite kegs I found at scrap yard and the ones offered to me by a coworker may cost Anheiser Busch a few bucks.

Legitimate (honest) scrapyards won’t buy kegs from the public.

Legitimate (honest) scrapyards won’t buy kegs from the public.[/quote]
Must not be too many legitimate scrapyards around me since I often read about thefts of you name it for scrap. Back when I was working for the phone company some brainiacs stole copper cable from the supply yard, cut the plastic sheath off and put it out to the curb about 3 blocks away. Didn’t take long for one of the 50 or so phone guys that drove by every day to notice that :lol: They did however sell the “scrap” brand new copper cable to a scrap yard before being arrested. Can’t be to hard to notice items that obviously unused are not scrap.

I can see how a small brewery would be less than pleased to lose expensive kegs. Good 'ol NY state has a $75 deposit on them so that may slow down the theft some here.

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