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Where can I find a cooler with a spigot?

I have looked in various stores for a cooler with a spigot and have not had great luck. All of the coolers I’ve looked at so far that have a spigot are either 70 quarts or larger or the cube shaped cooler. I’d like to find a retangular shaped cooler with a built in spigot that is less than 70 quarts. I only do 5 gallon batches so I think 70 quarts will leave too much headspace and I do not plan to move to larger batches.

I live in Atlanta so you would think this would be an easy task. Any suggestions as to where I should look?

Look for a Coleman Extreme 5 36 quart or 52 quart cooler. You can find them online at Amazon and other outlets for thirty to fifty bucks or so. I have a 52 quart and it works great, even though it’s bigger than needed for an average gravity five gallon batch.

I use a 70 quart Coleman Xtreme for 5 gallon batches. It works fine. There is probably a little more dead space than a smaller cooler but as long as you account for it, you are fine.

I got mine at home depot. It is a 60 qt rubbermaid model. It works pretty well, but I should have bought the coleman extreme: I just got what they had at home depot.

The 15 or 12 gallon qube make a great tun. That’s what I use and always get great redults

Have you checked Denny’s house?

+1 to the BLUE Coleman Extreme. Don’t buy any other color ---- the beer Gods will be angry.

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