When will my hops subside?

I dry hopped with 1oz of centennial pellets. How long does it usually take for the hop cake on the top of my brew to settle to the bottom? 1st time brewer, long time lover of the necter.

You’ll have to cold crash for a couple days to get everything to settle down.

depending on temp, usually a couple of days. BTW, once the hops sink, you are not getting any more aromatics out of them, and though this is unequivocally true (because I said so :slight_smile: ) many will still tell you to dry hop for weeks and weeks.

temp is at a steady 64 degrees. im in no rush to bottle i was just wondering how long it took for themm to drop. thanks

At 64F, hops can take a while to drop out on their own.

In the end it doesn’t really matter. There’s really no need to dry hop for more than 5-7 days (and honestly 2-3 days is probably sufficient). Just line your bottling bucket with a sanitized paint strainer bag when you rack into it, then carefully remove it after you rack. This should catch the vast majority of the hop debris that makes it through the siphon/racking cane.