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When to take FG reading

Newb - Im brewing my first batch ever. It’s the block party amber from NB. It’s been sitting in the primary for 13 days and it looked like the yeast cake had fallen when looking at my plastic bucket. I popped the lid to take a FG reading and it looked like this…
Is that stuff on top yeast? Is my batch still fermenting? I didn’t take a reading because I didn’t know if it was ok to scoop up whatever is sitting on top of the beer?
Any help is appreciated!

You can take a reading now don’t scoop anything out just rack from under. The only way to truly know is to take a few readings a couple days apart. How much wort is in there? You can wash and sanatize your hydrometer and leave it in there if it’s deep enough


I could just drop my hydrometer in the bucket. Is that stuff on top the yeast?

Yeast remnants. Harmless, normal, nothing to be concerned about in the slightest.


Yes sanatize your hydrometer. Before you drop it in. What brewcat says. If you have enough. Wort. Deep enough. You can leave your. Hydrometer. Floating in your bucket

OR… Look at the “tilt” hydrometer… What a nifty gadget!

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