When to take a gravity sample?

I brew an American wheat two weeks and three days ago. My air lock has been inactive for at least four days in my keezer (between 68-70 F). There still is a small layer of krausen on the top of the fermenter. Should I what until it all falls out of suspension before I take a gravity reading? I don’t want to disturb the process if I don’t need to. I used WL American wheat yeast.

Patience. Wait for the krausen to drop

me do take a refrecto meter reading at end of boil when i transfer the beer to the alloy . leave it sit for eight days untill krausen drops take a reading with hydrometer than if ready wait two days take other reading if still the same i do transfer final reading after four to six weeks in second alloy than trabsfer to keg .take a reading of abv and sample tatste