When to gelatin

I have never used gelatin before but am considering trying it. I have heard that you can use it either in the fermenter or in the keg. Any preferences, and why? I am leaning toward cold crashing and adding the gelatin to the fermenter before kegging but I am not expert enough to know why I would do it that way. Just seems that if I am going to have a collection of crud dropping out that it would be better to have it drop before kegging rather than after. Please enlighten me.

you are correct in your thinking, the only problem with that is you can’t (I don’t think) reuse yeast. If its all going down the drain anyway I would add it to the fermenter after cold crashing.

I have kegged then added and pulled the first pint of grime if I am trying to reuse the yeast cake.

When I add to the fermenter do I need to stir at all or will just pouring it in do the trick?


When I used it I always added it at kegging. I would seal the lid, purge and give it a little shake to mix. I don’t use it anymore since a week in the keg at about 38° and it will be clear as a bell anyhow.

I only use it if I need to, not every brew needs to be clarified. Add to the keg keep at 33°

I do it just like Pietro linked and for the same reason Scalded does. Some beers clear on their own for me but some are stubborn to clear (often yeast dependent) and gelatin clear them really fast.