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When to dry hop & cold crash?

Hi All, I just xferred an IPA to secondary. Gravity has stabilized over the past week. I want to hit this batch with an “on hand” ounce each Columbus & chinook. So if I dry hop tomorrow, can I put into the keezer right away or should I wait a certain period of time?
Thanks, Mike

I keg with the dry hops in the keg and refrigerate immediately. Works for me.

Thanks Denny, do you restrain them in the keg or free float them?

I put them in a sanitized muslin bag and tie the bag to the diptube with monofilament.

Dryhop extraction rate is related to beer temp - warmer beer with make it go faster. At 68F, 7-10 days is about right.

Thank you!

Or you can leave them in the leg til the beer’s gone. That’s what I do and it averages about 2-3 months.

I’m a little confused for my next move. Several posts say leaving hops in the keg eventually turns the flavor grassy. Brother Lenard suggests suspending the hops in the keg half way down so lessens that effect. Others say dump a bag right in.

I know it’s all based on experience and personal preference; two things I’m currently short on :frowning:

I know I want huge hop aroma on this IPA. Also, 2-3 months sounds about right to consume a corny considering I will have 3 going at any given time. I guess trial and error is what most of you have done to perfect your processes, it should be no different for me then.

Sincerely, Grasshopper :?

Exactly right!

Thanks Guys,
Decided to split the diff. I dropped an ounce of chinook into my secondary last night. On Sunday I’m going to keg it and hang an ounce of columbus.

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