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When to cut rhizomes

I’ve has hops in the grown for 3 seasons now. I’m sure they need to be cut back underground. When is the best time to do that? Now or in the Spring? I live in southwest ohio and it will turn cold here pretty soon.


I cut mine back to 2-3 inches above ground, then cover with hay left over from Holloween decorations and put them away until spring .

Usually, you want to get out in the spring before the new growth starts to push. Thin out as hard as you want and then throw a couple shovel-fulls of compost back on the crown. You’ll be good to go!

Spring time, just before the plant starts to grow is a good time to dig it out of the ground and divide the root ball. Opening it up to more soil. If you do it as a couple bine get growing, it will make it. It’s a weed after all. :slight_smile:

It would probably work around now also. After you have had a killing frost, but before the ground freezes.

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