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When to bottle belgians

I brewed a Delirium Tremens clone on saturday (3/5) using a 3L starter of Wyeast Belgian Abbey 1214. O.G. was 1.070 and the SG yesterday (3/8) was 1.011. How long should I let this sit before bottling? Once bottled I plan on letting it sit for about 3 weeks in my basement (around 65*F) to carbonate at 3.5 volumes.

I would let it sit for at least 3 weeks.

Would I need to add bottling yeast after letting it sit in primary for 3 weeks?

Sorry to jack the thread but are there any negatives to kegging a belgian beer other than the fact that they are traditionally bottle aged?

After 3-4 weeks you should not need any additional yeast.

Only issue with kegging v. bottling would be the same as issues with capping v. corking. You won’t have the “pop”. :wink:

It may hold up a keg/tap for a long time.

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