When should i open my first beer?

I have my first ever batch bottled. it’s been 6 days now. when should i open one and taste it? should i refridgerate one and give it a try? i shook one up to see if there was any carb and the one inch of neck was packed with bubbles. help me out

I pretty much stick to a two week before taste method.

I stick to a “Taste when I feel like it method”. It probably won’t be very carbed but you can definitely get a feel for where it is going to end up at this point. I have had a batch bottled for just under two weeks now and I try it probably every 3 days just to see what is going on with it.

Just remember the more you try now the less you will have when it is truly finished. But that is a sacrifice that I am usually willing to make. Patience is hard…

i’m gonna put one in the fridge for a while and give it a try. wait a few days and try again. i like that idea

When I started off and bottled, I usually tried my first one after 1 week, but they were kept in a warm laundry room. Cooler temps take much longer.

I always put a couple of bottles in a warm spot in the house so they’ll carbonate faster. On top of the refrigerator is usually pretty warm. You can start testing after about one week then, and will experience full carbonation in 10 days for sure. Bottles stored in a cool cellar area in the 50s or 60s will carbonate a little slower but not too bad. Figure 10 to 14 days for those before testing the first one.

they are in my basement which is at a steady 64 degrees. should i move them to the 1st floor where it is about 68 at any given time?

Well, opened one up. Got a good sound when i opened it. Tasted awesome but still flat. Ill wait another week till i try another.

I wish i could RDWHAHB but i dont have any to relax to. Ill just sip this THA

And maybe a little THC :rollseyes:

Same thing happened to me at the two week mark in a lager I brewed last year. Waited two more weeks and it was perfect.

cool. i’ll just sit on it for a while. thanks man

I usually wait until the mail has run. So, no earlier than 1:30 ish if it’s a really hot summer day. Later otherwise.

If kegged it you would already be drinking. :twisted:

Back when I bottled, I had something of a tradition of after 1 week, taking just one bottle, chilling it overnight, and drinking it the following day. It was rarely fully carbed, but usually close enough to give me an idea and satisfy my curiosity.

Although, if you did one of those new 1 gallon kits, you might want to wait just to be sure, since you don’t have that much beer.

[quote=“Norman”]I usually wait until the mail has run. So, no earlier than 1:30 ish if it’s a really hot summer day. Later otherwise.[/quote]I was was thinking along the same lines when I read the title of this thread. It’s five o’clock somewhere.