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When is there too much Rye?

Mia Bock brew day Sunday… I have 10 lbs of rye… Heres my grain bill idea… keep in mind, I’m a BIAB so I shouldn’t need to worry about a stuck sparge…
8 lbs pils
8 lbs MO
5 lbs Rye
See I really like Rye crips crackers… If I can have a brew enhanced to that level I’d be a happy camper… Can you tell me if I’m a wack a doodle for upping the specialty rye that much? I should be in the 1.053 OG… not that that matters that much… Sneezles61

No way, that sounds awesome! Never can have too much rye. As long as you can run off the wort.

Go for it. Love rye. Time to brew a Rye Pale Ale again.

That’s about 20% should work well. What hops?

You could use at least twice as much. Rye is good.

Did some research… Rye will give about 27 points per pound… I’m now thinking to up the amount of rye… Just go 8 straight across the board…?
Hops…? I’ll use Northern brewer for bittering… Not sure I need much else… I really want to see how this large amount of Rye in the brew, tastes… Thats what it’ll be called… Rye in the brew! Sneezles61

I use 20% in my Rye IPA…

I’m going to crush my rye separately from the other grains… I think they’re a bit smaller and may not be getting a good crush. I can always have my wife put it through her food processor to get it a bit finer…
On the hops, I’ll put 2 oz at 30 minutes… Northern brewer… Wonder if the Calcium Chloride will accentuate the rye too? Sneezles61

The rye crushed just fine… I have an unadjustable JSP malt mill… Sneezles61

pH before mashing in was 5.8… After mash in 5.4… Pre boil gravity is at 1.052… I should easily hit a SG of 1.058. Sneezles61

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How much you end up using

I used 8 lbs of MO, Pils and Rye each… Then, knowing the conundrum of 33.333 doesnt make 100… I threw one extra kernel of Rye in! Now it makes 100%!! Sneezles61

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That extra kernel is going to be noticeable. You probably should have only used 1/3 of each.


I wouldn’t want to tell anyone my grist bill 99.99%… You’d thought I was nuts or something… Sneezles61

I can’t help myself… Almost down to 160*… gonna throw in 2 oz Saaz… WP… Sneezles61

WOW… my heating element is pitch black… Like you’d dipped it in tar…I didn’t change my control of the element… From the Rye? Or Calcium Chloride? Giving PBW a run for its worth…Gravity was right on, and volume was too… Sneezles61

Must be from the rye. CaCl2 shouldn’t turn your element tar like.

After night night long soaking… won’t even touch that stuff… Gee whiz, looks like I don’t care enough to clean my equipment… I’m going to do a short boil next W/E to see if it might leach off into the water… That would mean it could change my next brew…? Sneezles61

Did you scorch the wort? Does it taste burnt?

My small sample didn’t taste scorched… again, I didn’t DV8 from my normal practices for brewing the other brews I do… I’m really wondering about the Rye having a lower… Malliard temp? Once I get to a boil temp, I can get down to 40% power and maintain… sometimes a little bit higher… a nice roiling boil… I’m going to have to get a straight edge and scape this stuff off… I’m not really excited about getting another heating element… See if I can get a picture… Sneezles61

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