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When is the next beer lottery?

When is the next beer lottery???

Typically the lottery runs for the 4th of July and New Years. So it seems you might be waiting until early June before I post the new lottery thread.

However, if there is interest in a beer pass, let me know and I’ll start a new thread for that in a week or so.

SO, if your interested in a beer pass, post on here so I can gauge if there is enough interest for it to be worth while for everyone.

I’m still a noob here…what are we talking about? do i win money?!

Link to the most recent beer lottery and the rules.

Thread created by the most recent winner of the beer lottery, critiqueing each beer as he tries them. And I must say it is much appreciated by all who participated.

Link to the most recent beer pass and the rules.

I’m in for a Beer Pass


I’m in!!

I’m in

I’m interested.

I’ve been waiting four years for the beer from my last beer pass to arrive. I’m starting to think that guy isn’t going to send it. :expressionless:

I can wait until July unless of course I can win the next one now.

I’m in.

Looks like there is some interest in a beer pass, so I started a new beer pass thread.

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