When 2 bottle

High Krausen had ended and activity is slow. I’m approaching week 2 and what should I do… Didn’t take a hydrometer reading so should I just go three weeks before I bottle?

Do not be in a hurry. I wait until there is slow to no activity and I like to secondary so I move it then and let it sit for another one to two weeks. Time makes for a clear beer. It will clear in the bottle too but be sure it is done or you will have botle bombs.


Take a hydrometer reading after a couple weeks. 4 or 5 days later, take another measurement. If they’re the same, you should be fine to bottle. It’s never too late to collect data.

Keep in mind, even though gravity is stable, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to bottle. There are lots of intermediate metabolites created during fermentation that the yeast will break down after gravity is stable, such as diacetyl. So don’t be in a rush to bottle - usually 3 weeks from brew day is a safe rule of thumb. But let your hydrometer tell you.


Not a lot of experience here but I do 21 days regardless. 2 weeks I’m primary and one in clarifyer. Seems to do well for me.
I always try a beer at week one in the bottle. Very drinkable, sometimes to drinkable.


What did you brew? (kit? style? size?).

@porkchop’s answer is correct, but painful for one gallon batches - you will lose 4 oz with each hydrometer measurement. Refractometers are an option - this answer from another thread worth a read.

Dead Ringer IPA

You’re dry hopping that right? You want 5 days with the DH before you bottle. Personally I’d drop a muslin or paint strainer bag with your DH hops in the primary bucket after week 2, let it sit for a week then bottle.