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Wheaton Saison mess up


I was brewing the Wheaton Saison (extract), and all was going well until I realized after I was cooling the wort that I had forgotten to add the honey at the 5 minute time point (my wife had just gotten home, and I got distracted with trying to do too many things at once). The target OG was 1.052 and it came in at 1.042, naturally. Is there any way to fix this? Can I boil some water and add the honey and then add that to the wort? This just happened, so if there’s a chance I can fix this, I think there’s still time. Thanks.

Your suggestion will work and could be done anytime in the next few days.

  1. Be careful not to scorch the honey.
  2. Be sure the dissolved honey solution is cooled down before you add it if you’ve already pitched the yeast.

Thanks. I thought I might be able to, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks!

So, I’ve boiled the water and honey (didn’t scorch it), and have added it into the primary. I measured the OG and it did go up some (from 1.042 to 1.046), but not quite to target (1.052) . I’m not as worried about that as I am how it will taste. My daughter loves wheat beers and saisons, so I hope this will still turn out ok. Thanks for posting back.

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