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Wheat with atypical fruit?

I am thinking of making a fruit-wheat beer with an atypical fruit; I’m thinking about plums or nectarines. Does anybody have any experience brewing with these fruits? How much fruit would you use with five gallons, and do you need to do anything different with stone fruits?


How much fruit flavor would you like: a hint, moderate, or a cross between a beer and a fruit wine?

I’ll add citrus zest at the end of the boil. The amount depends on how much taste you’re looking for and the fruit. If adding whole chopped up fruit (pineapple, cherry, etc) I would add it to the secondary. That way you can add a little and give it a try after a few days. If it needs more, add a little more and try again after a few days.

Be wary of tangarine. The acid can mess with pH and fermented citrus juice tastes nasty. If you want to try it, juice them first then toss the pulp in the fermenter.

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