Wheat beer yeast selection

Hey Guys,

I want to do an elderberry wheat beer for a beer competition. I am looking for an exceptional yeast to use for this. Also, any input on an all grain "award winning " recipe is an added bonus!!!


If I was you I would use wyeast 1010 American wheat. Don’t think you want clove and banana flavors that most German yeast produce. As for recipe I would do 50/50 wheat and pilsner. Do two weeks in primary then rack on top of you elderberry s in secondary don’t mix just rack on top. For a week or so till you get to your final gravity

It all depends on what you’re looking for in the yeast. Do you want a Belgian/German estery flavor? Then the 1010 that damian suggests would work, as well as several others. But if you’re looking for a neutral flavor similar to Blue Moon, then I’d go with something clean like US-05.
By the way, IMO, you can’t go wrong with Wayne/Nilo’s Blue Moon recipe from HBT forum. Using US-05 it’s a very clean, clear American style wheat ale. Very simple: 5 parts 2-row,4 parts wheat, 1part oats (I also add 1 part Vienna for a little maltiness). Uses Hallertau hops at about 10ibu. It does make a very good background for adding fruit essences. The females in my drinking circle especially like it, and it does make a great easy drinking lawnmower-type beer.

IMO if you want a fruit flavored wheat Im not sure you want an exceptional yeast. Made something similar to Sam summer using 05 last year and it let the citrus I put in really show… Also used only 40% wheat.

Thanks guys, I had not considered the clove/banana flavors in German yeast. I don’t want that flavor. I want a crisp clean flavor but I don’t think I want it like blue moon, I might do a split batch and try the 05 in one and the 1010 in the other. Thanks!!!

I’ve had good results with safebrew wb-06 (light purple pack of dry) and use it all my non hefe wheats