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Wheat Beer Help

First time brewer here. I’m sure if I searched the forum long enough I might find the answer but I thought it easier to ask.

I brewed my first beer this last week, an American Wheat. Eveyrthing went to plan, it’s in the basement and the krausen has started to sink into the carboy…Now

I have heard that secondary fermentation is a touchy subject for brewers. If I wanted to leave it as a straight up wheat I could just leave it in the primary till bottling. I want add a fruit to it so I think it makes sense to use the secondary.

My question is…Now that the krausen has fallen, does that make it time to transfer to the secondary? Or does the beer still need to condition in the primary another week?

Was more or less hoping someone could give me a successful schedule on the process.


If the krsusen has dropped rack it onto the fruit. It will start fermenting again. Make sure it finishes before you bottle

Just cause the kursen has fallen doesn’t mean primary fermentation is done. Did you have a hydrometer to check your gravity if not leave the beer in primary for two weeks then rack your beer on to fruit in secondary.

Thanks for the tips. The kit I got was not supplied with a hydrometer so, it’s a pretty basic kit and basic approach to brewing. I’ll leave the beer be for another week in the primary. in the meantime…

For fruit would you suggest pasteurizing it? Freezing it? Both? Should it be fresh? Frozen Fruit? Puree? lol

Thanks for the help so far

Why do you think primary needs to be completely finished?

I measure my gravity. When it is complete or with in a few points I rack my beer on to the fruit. In my opinion I want my yeast to finish the beer then let it concentrate on the fruit sugars

I don’t want to transfer to a secondary if the primary fermentation isn’t finished conditioning?? RIght?

@damian_winter does , I wouldn’t, slowed down yes but I would want to keep fermentation going and not stop and restart. Probably doesn’t matter but I hate lag time and stalled fermentations.

You could also just throw the fruit into your primary

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@brew_cat I don’t usually have a lag time. They usually just take off with in hour at most. I do agree with you either way it probably just my preference to do it that way. Sounds like time to experiment lol

I’m not sure a fruit beer is a great idea for your first one. If it’s a kit, just follow the instructions to the letter then experiment after getting it down. That said my method would be racking the beer onto the fruit in secondary. You can Pasteurize the fruit first but do not boil it. It is likely to ferment more due to the sugar in the fruit so be prepared for that.

Do yourself a favor and buy a hydrometer and flask when you have a chance. It is the best way to monitor your beers progress.

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