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What's Your Oldest Bottle of Homebrew?

I Have a Boheimian Pislner from 2003, it was the scond bottle I ever made, the first is with my buddy; we made beer togather. We have moved several times scince and bottle one is now broken and my frined live in a diffrent state now. I have it displayed on a shelf just, a regualar bass bottle but quite a conversasion starter.

Don’t have anything older than a few months but i do own a 4 pack of 24yr old hardys ale.

That wouldn’t be a Beano beer, would it? :wink:
[/quote]Yep and I highly don’t recommend it. :cheers:

I just started brewing on Super Bowl Sunday 2011 and I have a six pack from each of my first 3 batches. But I cannot be faulted for coming late to the party.

I have a Barleywine and a RIS from about a year ago that are both in kegs that I have not even thought about until I was bottling from a few kegs to get some freed up. I tasted each of the above and was pleasantly surprised, so I bottled 3 of each to cool down a bit so I can drink them.

I have a few bottles of RIS from a batch which I remember drinking a bottle with my girlfriend (now wife) during the 2000 Super Bowl (remember the Titans receiver trying to stretch for the TD at the end of the game?) and I have a few bottles of mead from around 1995 or so.

  • a dandelion wine from 2007. had a bottle the other night, and not bad.

  • a half case of IPA made with Chinese rock sugar from 2010. pretty bad.

Mead from 06 and Lord Fatbottom kit Barley wine from 2007, along with a few bottles from stouts and spiced beers since then. I take a peak at the old stock near the holidays…and enjoy splitting one or two with friends and family. My wife and I made Grog at Christmas last year for distributing this year, but that is just boiling up spices and mixing in with various booze, so that is not on topic…


I have a few bottles of 11% belgian strong dark ale that are approaching two years in the bottle. A few months ago I had one it was fantastic. Ive also got some 9% imperial stout that had 33% rye in the grain bill that is also right around two years old it was also very good the last time I had one.

I’m gonna have to step up my batch size before I can compete here :wink: Mine never make it past a year max - and most not that long. I suppose I have no beer disipline. I guess thats why I brew alot!


What the hell, :wink:

Fred Eckhart suggests blending - see the Brewing TV episode with Fred. I agree. As much as it pains me to admit it, my brother in law loves to run a quarter tap of all four beers I have on tap from time to time and darned if the blended beer isn’t reasonably good (I tend to have lighter beers with maybe one bigger brown ale on tap, so they blend pretty well).

Don’t give up on those early beer experiments. :cheers:

I have one bottle of a batch of brown ale I made for my Dad’s 70th birthday party in 1993. He had kept the bottle in the back his refrigerator until I retrieved it a few months ago. I am going to wait until next year to open it and see how well it held up.

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