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Whats your favorite dry yeast for various styles and why?

Ive been experimenting with BRY-97…seems to floc better than US-05 with similar flavor profiles

US-05 without a doubt. Clean tasting bright beers. I use it often.

Agree - I now use US-05 exclusively for all my IPAs and APAs. Have also had “sudden” brew days and used on Porters and Stouts. Always clean and works great every time.

05 for me too. Mostly for beer that I do not want much profile from the yeast. It is also handy for spontaneous brew day when you haven’t popped a liquid yeast or even thought about a starter. Wish I had some on hand :x

Yeah, probably my biggest reason for US-05 is so I can brew whenever "I want and don’t have to make a starter. I brew very large batches and do not want to even think about all the work involved in stepping up an ample starter for liquid yeast.

Safale 05 for APA and american IPA, and Saflager 34/70 for lagers, specially german pils.

If you can live with the slow start, BRY-97 is IMO superior to US-05 because of better flocculating properties. It doesn’t muddle hop profiles and leaves a semi-dry finish.

W34-70 makes a damn fine oktoberfest and dunkel. Never used it on a pilsner, but the general consensus online is favorable.

S-04 works well on oatmeal stouts, but I’ve only used it for that purpose, so it may not be great for other styles.

O5 is great, but if making a saison the Belle Saison yeast is great. Took a recent saison I made down to 1.000.

My go to yeast is safale 04. The reason is that with my system it is easier for me to maintain lower sixties as opposed to upper sixties. 05, to me, produces a fruity off flavor when fermented in the lower sixties.

Based on taste of a very recent IPA at racking to kegs, I’m pretty decided already to make Mangrove Jack’s U.S. West Coast Ale Yeast (M-44) my new house yeast for ipa and pale ale. It attenuates a couple points higher (78%) than US-05, flocculates considerably better, and the initial taste was very clean and hop-focused. However, it does take a couple weeks to ferment dry.

It’s been US-05 for a long time, but I really liked this recent change. I’ll know more once I tap into a keg of it. At minimum, I’ll definitely be doing more testing with M-44 on upcoming hoppy beers.

I don’t much care for S-04 or Nottingham. I need to try more of the numerous dry yeasts!

I too like the mangrove jack stuff but it takes soo long to get going. This is even with proper rehydrating and plenty of pure oxygen. I’ve noted when reusing that yeast however, the lag time is significantly shorter.

Thanks for the tip. I hear you! Mine took at least 48 hrs rehydrated, with correct amount (per Mr. Malty), to form a decent krauesen. I thought maybe that it was especially slow at lower temps, since my wort was at 64F most of that time, although I turned it up 1 degree after 30 hrs.

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