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Whats your favorite commercial brew?

Just sitting here have a Lagunitas , which I think is now my favorite brew store bought and thought I’d ask what others think. :cheers:

I think it is Lazy Monk Brewing out if Eau Claire, WI. They make great beers.

Summit Saga for a good IPA, Old Rasputin for a cool fall day, Sierra Nevada Narwahl in the dead of winter, Bell’s Amber for a good balanced beery beer, and if it is hotter than ninety, Pabst. I like a lot of beer.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite. It’s like when my daughter asks me what my favorite song is. I have 46 years of life during which I have listened to a hundred years of music. I have had so many beers and love so many. I think it’s a toss up right now though between Seirra Nevada Ruthless Rye and Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. But I did have stone IPA last night and that was delightful too.

I don’t really have one. There are so many fantastic products out there and for me beer is an “in the moment” thing.

I could answer this question: what’s the first beer that comes to mind when asked to name a beer that you’ve really enjoyed, but don’t have easy access to: Perennial Abraxas.

I would say Sam Adams Boston Lager

Ooh, I love the SABL. But my absolute favorite is Van Steenberge Gulden Draak. Yum.

boulevard single wide. the hops have changed a little over the years so it used to be even better imo.

I have been really into Moose drool and other brown ales at the moment. probably because spring has yet to get here in wisconsin yet. :frowning:

Now that it’s spring/summer beer season, there is simply too many good beers out there. But last Nov/Dec, when it was winter, Avery Brewery makes Old Jubilation[ winter warmer] and couple of those in front of the fireplace is heaven. I start to hibernate.

lol lol “I start to hibernate” is not that the truth.

It’s the truth Grainy! As old an overweight as I am, It’s the bottle hitting the floor that wakes me up!

I wish I was able to confirm that, although I suspect it’s true! :wink:

Rochefort 10.

APA = Zombie Dust ( 3 Floyds)
IPA = Duet (Alpine)
DIPA = Lawson’s Double Sunshine (Lawson’s finest liquids)
Stout / Imperial = Hunahpu 2014 (Cigar City)
Barrel aged stout = Double barrel Hunahpu

As far as Lambics / Sours / Wild ales … I’ve always enjoyed anything from Upland / Cascade / Russian River / Hill Farmstead. Although the Upland Kiwi lambic stands out among others

Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial.

I wish I was able to confirm that, although I suspect it’s true! :wink: [/quote]

That they’re out of Eac Claire or that they make great beers? :wink:

I don’t have a favorite, being on a fixed income any cash I have to spare goes into ingredients for brewing instead of premade beer.

Tough question. There are so many different styles and so many great beers in each. Here are just a few I like.
IPA Stone Ruination
Belgian Ommegang Abbey ale, Rochefort 10, Kasteel Donker, Gulden Draak. Could go on and on with this.
Stout Middle Ages Dragon Slayer
For a mind eraser you can’t beat Victory Golden Monkey

My “go to” beer is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale for general use. My favorite special beer is probably Bell’s Black Note Stout.

Impossible question to answer if I don’t have too. If I was being marooned on a desert island and was told that I could have only one beer for the rest of my life, I would make a choice, but since I don’t, I won’t. Sort of like the classic Beatles or Stones questions. I won’t choose between them because I don’t have too.

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