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Whats your best brewing related yard sale find's

Today while I was working I drove by a yard sale and saw a carboy on one of the table. Natural I had to turn around and am glad I did bought two 3 gallon glass carboys and six 1 gallon glass jugs. A Wort chiller and box of bungs and air locks. All for 20 dollars.

Never got any brewing stuff from a yard sale. About a year ago I found a 3 tier gravity brew stand with 3 burners and 3 keggles on craiglist for 300. I emailed the guy everyday for 3 weeks and never got a response. I was so sad that would have been a great deal. :frowning:

I went to an estate sale for a multi million dollar home and found this: 3 CO2 tanks with regulators and a jockey box with all the connections and hoses. I got it all for $75

Full case of new 1 liter flip top beer bottles 12 dollars. And a large stainless steel strainer that covers my 10gal pot 50 cents. One antique wooden soda crate.

Wasn’t a yard sale but years ago the marina we kept our boat in had an annual picnic. One of the patrons owned a bar and provided draft soda. For years they must have never collected and returned the corny kegs. I found them collecting dust in a storage barn. Scored about six for free.

I got an old fridge to ferment in for 20 bucks one time. Lasted about 8 years.

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