What's this?

Brewed this Irish Red Ale almost 3 weeks ago BIAB. Everything went well, followed my normal sanitation routines etc. Only thing I did differently was adding irish moss last 15 of the boil. It had a really active fermentation. I started it with a blow off hose and once it settled down I put an airlock on it. Kept it in a swamp cooler with fermometer reading low 60-62 for the first week or so then took it out and let the temp rise to ambient which is about 68.

It had a big fluffy looking head of krauesen a couple of inches thick, when that fell in it left a lot of chunky fluffy looking floaters on the surface which still haven’t fallen in. I tried not to worry about those and figured they’d drop out when I cold crash it.

I took a gravity reading today thinking I might keg it mid week if it seems finished. OG was 1.048, today’s reading 1.012. It’s nice and clear, smells ok and tastes pretty darn good. The little white specks just below the bung kind of concern me. Just noticed them today when I opened it to check gravity. I’m hoping they’re just residue from the fermentation that I hadn’t noticed before…should I be concerned?

Drink it. If it tastes bad be concerned. If it tastes good enjoy. :cheers:

I have seen floaties that would not settle and the beer was fine. Your probably ok.