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What's the difference

Once a girl asked me if I was one of those beer nerds. Now I may be a beer snob but I hope I haven’t crossed the line to nerd. Anyone know the difference

To Be honest, I think I’d rather be the beer nerd than the beer snob.

To me, the beer nerd knows a bunch about beer. The beer snob judges those who either don’t know alot about beer or don’t drink good beer.

FWIW, I freely admit that I am likely to be both!

I’m particular about the beer I drink but not what others drink. My best friend only drinks lite beer , that saves me alot of money.Trust me I work construction so when the day is done and someone tosses me a bud its appreciated it goes down fast. But at home or a bar I prefer a more robust beer. I’m a beer snob but I’m not snooty. I remember my roots.

Well that is certainly true.

There’s nothing better than a bottomless cooler of Miller Lite on the golf course too. And if I have enough, it even looks like I hit it straight.

I agree with Steeler D. I drink what I like and don’t care what people think or what people drink.
I know good beer and make good beer. Not opposed to a Mick lite either. I don’t like beer snobs.

Beer snobs are jerks. But having said that, I often will pass on a miller lite because i simply don’t like to drink it. I like to think i’m a beer nerd.

I have never heard of a beer nerd…it’s beer snob and I’m proud to be one. :slight_smile:

Beer nerds can be boring and/or tiresome to talk to but beer snobs are just jerks unless they keep their mouth closed about their preferences. :wink:

It is funny how ones perspective changes. I remember in college, when I didn’t exactly have much money to scrap together, there was one guy in our fraternity that everyone swore was either rich or tried to show off because he was always drinking Bud Light or Killian’s Red versus keystone light or Milwaukee’s Best.

He would come into a party with a 12 of Bud light and everyone though “show off…”
this was 20 + years ago before craft beers etc really caught on.

Now I enjoy 2-3 good beers versus 8-10 bud light types in the evenings, with dinners etc. But I will have to say, as mentioned above, put me on a golf course when it is ~85-90 degrees out and a bucket of those ice cold coors lights or miller lites taste plenty fine to me.

I’m really glad this topic came up because I catch a bit of flack from my brew buddies. I’m definitely a beer nerd. I love to brew. I love to drink beer. I love to critique beer. But ---- at the end of the night, or on the pontoon boat at my folks, a fine, cold light lager tastes good. I don’t ever snob anyone for their choices, because after all, it is their choice.

I only drink quadruple double stout IPAs fermented with yeast cultured from Egyptians tombs

“I’m not one of those beer nerds. I am the other kind.”

Our friends call me a beer snob. I tell them I am a connoisseur. It is all in fun though. Just about all of them drink something light or no beer at all. Whatever makes you happy.

I would call myself that to, but I feel bad calling myself something I can’t spell. That would be snooty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have to admit I Googled then c&p it :roll:

I have to admit though I’m a little jealous of the guy in line ahead of me that pays less for a thirty pack than I do for my two four packs :frowning:

sorry hombre, the very fact that you posted this question on a homebrewing forum on a friday evening places you the world of beer nerd-dom. Same if you understand what ‘isomerization of alpha acids’ means.

However, an important distinction: Since the days of the release of Revenge of the Nerds, the term “nerd” has taken on a new and proud meaning. Like “geek”. Most of my IT friends colloquially refer to themselves and each other as “geeks” or “nerds”, but are far from socially awkward or outcasts. Nerd means you are technically knowledgeable. And if someone wants to try to out-nerd you, you can go toe-to-toe with them. Beer Nerds/Beer Geeks should make no apologies for geeking out on beer, which we do on this forum.

To your original question, “Beer Snob” can take on a variety of meanings. Personally, to me its about knowing your audience. If I’m standing around at a comp having a few after judging or at a homebrew club meeting/brew session, I can talk to people about hop expression and malt character. If I’m in a bar, I just come off as insufferably pedantic, full of myself, and frankly worthy wearing the beer on my shirt instead of slugging down my gullet. It just comes across the same way as the guy who talks about seeing Stone Temple Pilots ‘before they got big’. Sit in the bar and enjoy the company and hopefully the good music. Same if I’m talking to a professional brewer (though there I think one needs to be careful, because frankly there is a fine line between letting someone know that you appreciate the nuance of what he/she does and trying to impress someone that you can throw around similar terms as them because you’ve boiled some syrup on your stove).

Embrace the nerd-dom. Welcome to The Suck.

I think you are using the term nerd to loosely. Here is the definition I found “an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit” as opposed to “The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically connotes an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit” similar but different. So you, my friend, may be a geek but I’m sorry , you are much to social to be a nerd.

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