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What's Next?

I’m on my 4th batch and looking for suggestions on what to brew next…
Started with the Chinook IPA which turned out better than I expected, but I’m a big IPA fan. Next was the Sierra Madre Pale Ale which improved the longer I let it mature and was my favorite so far. The Irish Blonde Ale was next, I tried one and thought it need more time but the 40 or so people at the day-after-my-daughters-wedding party couldn’t get enough of the stuff and drank it all. Currently have the West Coast Radical Red in the works.

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If you like IPAs give the Plinian Legacy a shot. Later in the year Caribou Slobber is a solid choice for Fall (still amazed at how good that kit came out as my first attempt, magic.)

One thing that I loved when I first started brewing was receiving the catalogs from the beer stores with all their kits. Made it easy to read through all they had to offer. What caught my eye got brewed.

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