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What's my chances

I picked up some centennial hops from a LHBS (not mine as i was out of town visiting a relative). The owner pulled a plastic container (like the ones sandwich meat comes in) out of a refrigerator, weighed out the hops and put them in a thin zip- lock sandwich bag. I asked about the age and got a yes they are fresh. I put them in my relative’s refrigerator as we were planning on returning home and i would be using them the next day. I forgot them and returned 2 weeks later to pick them up. They had remained in the refrigerator for 2 weeks in the sandwich bag. They still have color and aroma.

Whats my chances of a decent beer as they are used both for bittering and flavor?

Not as good as if they had been vac-packed and frozen, but they’ll be fine for a beer made soon-ish.

They’ll be fine. In the fridge is good, the freezer is better. They’re most likely from last fall’s crop and have lost some umph by now anyway, so I would just up the addition amounts in your recipe a little.

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