What's hopping today?

At a break in the brewing day now and just wondering what others are brewing today(Sunday)? Trying MattNaik’s Vienna Lager. Made a yeast starter yesterday and take home message was watch boilover!! :shock: Happens fast with small pots!

Rye IPA my recipe. Magnum and Amerillo OG.066. Getting a slow start today a little breezy here now. :cheers:

Dead Ringer and western red ale here. It’s a little windy here also, so i moved to the garage. :cheers:

American wheat that I plan on adding mandarins to. Beautiful here, 55° sunny, and no wind. Started at 7am ad had it in the fermenter by noon. Gotta love simple single rest brew days…

Porter pepper ale blend in the glass chilli peppers on the tunes what else. What’s in your glass?

Added the cacao nibs to my mocha stout yesterday. Tried something this time. I am paranoid about oxygen in the bucket. So this time after I added the nibs, I also added a half cup of sugar to get a small secondary going. That should purge any O2 that got in there. It started bubbling after an hour or so.

Brewed an APA fri night /sat morning (overnight mash). Wish I could say the brew day went smooth but I haven’t brewed in 3 months and it was a brew day from hell. all in all I got to brew and I have 11 gallons bubbling away so I guess it wasn’t to bad.

American Wheat this late afternoon. Going to add cherry puree at secondary. Hope it turns out.

:cry: …Lucky I am doing this with the wife away today. I had my first boil over adding Willamette hops. Managed to get pot to sink before too much was lost and back up to boil fairly quickly. Wort on the counter, floor, dishwasher, and stove.

Hahaha… I too had a boil over today, but in the garage. All ya gotta do is kill the heat.

Been a damn fine day. Not only brewed but went to a bday party. My bro-in-law had my APA I gave him on tap so I had quiet a few of them. Now I’m drinking my American Light Lager. Is amazing at how much better they taste homebrewed and fresh.

Bottled Patersbier, brewed a BGS, All while enjoying my simple little brown ale. Widespread Panic playing for brew tunes!!! Sun was shining, kiddos/dogs were in the mud…a Great day!!! :cheers:

Warrior and Pilsen malt smash…see how she is in a couple weeks.

Just bottled some Boston Lager clone and some Schwartzbier - from kegs. Needed to bring some beer to a dinner party.

Sorry I’m late to the party, had a busy day in the brewery yesterday! Brewed a Ballast point Sculpin clone that came out excellent as far as the brew goes. I was mashing in before sunrise so I beat the heavy winds that picked up later in the day but it was still a tad chilly. Also, kegged an Alpine Duet clone which filled the 4 taps in my keezer so I will have to do some drinking before I keg the Sculpin. It’s March Madness time so plenty of opportunity to do so.