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On 17 December I brewed the NB Bavarian Hefeweizen extract kit. Yeast was the WY3068 strain. I pitched at 65 degrees, and fermentation took right off, sending a steady stream of gas and crud through the blowoff tube. Fermentation stayed between 62 and 66 throughout.

Then I went away for the next week, expecting the fermentation to be finished by the time I returned. Here’s what I found:

–From an O.G. of 1.050, gravity had dropped to 1.011 by 12/27/13 and 1.010 by 1/1/14. There was a little bit of a head on the sample, though, so I can’t really be sure the gravity changed any.

–There’s still a 1/8"-1/4" layer of krausen on top of the beer, and sporadic bubbling from the airlock (every 45 seconds or so).

Is it really possible that fermentation is still underway, a full two weeks after brew day? The consensus here seems to be that WY3068 finishes fast. Also, will that last bit of krausen ever finally drop or is that just a side effect of a low-flocculating yeast?

The beer tastes great, so I’m eager to bottle it–but I don’t want to invite the dreaded bottle bombs.

It’s done. I’d still give it another week then bottle. If possible, cold crash for a few days beforehand if you want some of that extra crud to drop out.

3068 is an awesome wheat yeast and my go to. I have a starter chillin in the fridge right now for a Weizenbock I plan on brewing either tomorrow or Saturday. Was suppose to brew New Year’s day, but my beer consumption on New Year’s Eve didn’t let that happen :wink:

Yeah, that yeast produces a dense krausen that can take forever to fall- better to rely on your measurements. Sounds like it should be a good batch!

All right! Based on the last two replies, I’m going to give it a few more days and then bottle. Thanks for the advice.

The fermentation is not done until you can confirm it with hydrometer readings.

The fermentation is not done until you can confirm it with hydrometer readings.[/quote]
+1, Wait till the hydrometer gives the same reading as it did two days before. It is rare, but I have seen yeast stall then start up again. Not with that yeast and not at that low SG, but still…

Also, some yeast produces a krausen that is stubborn to break up. With those I find the rocking the fermentor a couple times a day for 2-3 days will really help

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