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What's floating on my beer?

Not quite sure if this is mold on top or an infection or what.

after i racked it to secondary, this is the result: you can see where bubbles clung to the sides of the carboy

I was careful to rack off the beer under the layer, but who knows if any got in. I have been having problems with infections, so I don’t know what to do from here. I haven’t had a chance to rack it to a keg yet (new baby) so hopefully I can taste and smell it soon. Any help?

Looks like an infection to me.


Yeah I would say that it looks like infection. You should be able to smell it.

i was afraid of that. it appears i have a flaw in my sanitation… this is the 3rd batch i had to dump. i have no idea where it is getting in. everything, and i mean everything, that touches the wort post boil is soaked in star san. sigh… oh well. gonna rethink everything

Have you tasted it? Why dump it with out tasting it?

The one infection I have had, I racked underneath the infection and the beer was more than ok to drink.

no, i haven’t dumped it yet… i’m still going to taste it, but assuming its the same infection that i have had, it will be undrinkable. needless to say i am really frustrated.

Maybe replace your airlocks/stoppers and anything else plastic that could be a hiding spot for whatever you’ve got.

Yeah, replace anything plastic. This happened to me a while back and I was always following good sanitation practice. Unfortunately sometimes the bugs just win.

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