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What's Brewing Today?

Winter Warmer - gotta get the holiday brews done!

Just kegged 5 gallons Honey Weisse, 5 Gallons German Alt and 16 bottles of Chamomile Mead plus 14 bottles of a NB semi sweet mead. Busy morning, now time to get out and enjoy the weather.

I broke down and brewed another batch today…I brew Cream Ale…in 2 weeks I’ll transfer it to secondary with 5 lbs of blueberries…and I did the IPA yesterday…a rewarding weekend!

That Cream sounds like it will be great.

Realizing I need more carboys…

Also starting to scour the net for good plans for an all electric (as in heat, don’t want/need automation of the process), all grain brewery. The only place I am blessed with space is the basement and I do have an “extra” 240v outlet down there…

I brewed an amber hopped with centennial and citra. Never tried it before, we’ll see what we get.

I brewed Denny’s Vanilla Bourbon Porter. It is happily bubbling away. :smiley:

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