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What's brewing this weekend?

So I just got finished with my “hop-ocolypse”. Three batches brewed in under 24 hours. Did the Mongoose IPA extract last night and the Vandal Eyes and Innkeeper all-grain kits today. Definitely tired.

What’s anybody else got going on?

Brewing a Belgian ale and a saison tomorrow . One big 12 gallon mash two boils. I have two yeast starters going and I believe I’m ready. Never doubled up before so it will be a new experience for me.

Nothing here. Kegged a RyeIPA, hosted a party, added watermelon to a wheat beer, and drank a 2 year old barley wine.

10 gal of a galaxy Amarillo pale ale. No bittering hops. Small FWH addition and all other ibus from 10 min or less additions. Did do 1oz each hop stand for 30mins. Dry hopping with 2oz each.

Please post and let us know how things go… I have been comtemplating doing this as well. Just need to get my SWMBO wine out of my ferm chamber and stop being scared of all the logistics.


preping Bee Cave Haus PA for the first time in this weekend

20 gallons of Troeg’s Perpetual IPA clone or Denny’s Rye IPA on Saturday.

Kegging an American wheat, brewing an A/G coffee stout. :mrgreen:

I’m bottling Dawson’s Multigrain Red, transferring a Chocolate Milk Stout into secondary so I can brew the Drydock SS Minnow Mild and just started drinking the Jamil’s Evil Twin IPA I bottled two weeks ago!

Lytnin, I’ve done the Vandal Eyes. It’s excellent! :cheers:

Not much going on this weekend. Dry hopping my latest IPA. That’s about it. Maybe find some time to play around with my mill gap (that sounds kinda dirty if you don’t know anything about brewing :oops: )

In an attempt to satisfy my better half…wer’re going with the Tallgrass Oasis-all grain.

I’m going to brew a Munich Helles. Yummy!

Have had quite a few “summery” beers, so just a quick extract/specialty grain stout

I did an 11gal batch of IPA, chinook for bittering, cascade and centennial for the rest. Both fermenters are bubbling away as I type this. I’m thinking about adding a grapefruit tincture to one of the kegs when it’s done.

Abita does a decent version of a grapefruit IPA. Should play well with both cascade and centennial.

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