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What's brewing this weekend (Oct 15 2016 edition)?

What’s brewing (or not :slight_smile: ) this weekend?

I’m brewing a hoppy wheat that I resized (and shortened the boil time slightly) from 5 gallon all grain to my setup. Inspired by @sneezles61 over the last couple of months, I did the conversion - including IBUs - without a on-line recipe calculator.

Next up, I’m considering a couple of different Amber Ales (yum!) from the book Brewing Classic Styles.

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I just brewed a batch of my Three S amber ale on Wednesday.
three gallons: O G 1.055, IBUs 43, SRM 13-14
5 lbs. Gambrinus ESB malt
1 lb. Irish pale ale malt
8 ozs. Briess goldpils vienna malt
8 ozs. carawheat malt
8 ozs. Briess crystal 80 malt
4 ozs. demerara sugar
3/4 oz. saphir @ 3.8% to FWH
1/8 oz. summit @ 14.2% plus
1/8 oz. simcoe @ 12.2% plus
3/4 oz. saphir @ 3.8% for 45 minutes
pinch irish moss plus
1/8 tsp. nutrient for 10 minutes
1/8 oz. summit @ 14.2% plus
3/4 oz. saphir @ 2.5% for 6 minutes
1/8 oz. summit plus
3/4 oz. saphir to steep
1 pack S-05


More of my lager trial. I have to sneak an IPA in too! Sneezles61

My fermentors are pretty full. I’m aging a barleywine and an old ale on Bourbon soaked oak spirals. I may bottle on Halloween and let them mature in bottles until next fall. Then maybe break in my new kettle with a nice winter warmer.

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Show us the kettle! What did you git? Sneezles61

Bayou Classic 10 gallon, stainless. I don’t know what I’ll do with the time I save avoiding boilovers in the old turkey fryer… plus, I’m going to be spoiled with volume marks stamped in the side (no more "top of the rivets must be about 7 gallons, a bit under the rivets is close enough to 5). I’m easily impressed :wink:

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Let us know how you like the kettle. Been looking at those myself.

Tomorrow brewing the Smash Pale Ale extract kit from NB. Have a Wit in secondary rt now that is ready to bottle but haven’t gotten to it yet and a Choc Milk Stout in primary still. :beers:

Hah… go figure. I gave it a “dry” run tonight, and sure enough, it had a pinhole leak about 3/4 inch from the bottom. Amazon was kind enough to give me a refund without having to send it back. So I have a gigantic, leaky kettle, but at least it was free…

Mocha Porter. Making this for Thanksgiving since the wife’s uncle thoroughly enjoyed this one last time I made it (drained the keg in a day)

12lbs Rahr 2-row
1lb Muntons Chocolate malt
1 oz Cascade
8oz Hersheys special dark cocoa powder
12 T medium roast coffee

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Know someone that could silver soldier yer leaky pot? Sneezles61

I don’t off hand, but may ask around. Hell, at this point the kettle is free, so maybe I’ll try to teach myself. Unless of course anyone here on the forum is in the St. Paul area wants to help a guy out…

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Go look online. You’ll find all you need. ? maybe put in a weld less fitting there? Sneezles61

Been working on a porter recipe, an Irish ale recipe, and some pale lagers using Chit malt. Just need the time to get brewin’!

Well, I am brewing today, into the boil now, and had a bad reminder. CHECK YER THERMOMETERS OFTEN. My boil occurred at 180*:tired_face: . I am rechecking my math to verify my pre-boil gravity, but I must say I did git 1.058, and I can’t really account for the rice I used, yet… I am up for a challenge! Sneezles61

I could weld it. Got all the tools in my garage .but kind of far away. Right now. Well brew session will be untill tuess day. A zombie dirt ale. Sucks my boss did call. Have to teach a open water diver course.

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Sadly no brewing for at least a month until we get settled in down south :cry:

Working on a keg of wheat beer and have 20 gallons of Belgian ale kegged. 10 is going with me. The other 10 will be aging nicely at about 55° until spring.

Will not brew this weekend. Most likely will brew a Dead Ringer this coming Friday and another Saturday. Did get a starter going yesterday. 1800 milliliters in a 2000 ml flask. Prepared a drip cap for the stir plate just in case the krausen would be higher than anticipated. Krausen only reached about the middle of the foil cap.

I tried Loopies suggestion of shaking the s*&t out of the flask, then when very/all foam, pitch yeast. About 6 hours later when I was ready to pitch into me brew, it was gently rolling along! Thank you Loopie! Sneezles61

1 gallon carboys work awesome for loopie starters! I have been starting my starters right before i start crushing grain…and they are usually ready to rock by the time im ready to pitch.

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