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What's brewing this weekend (May 10, 2017)

So how ya’ll doin’ on those brewing goals for 2017?

Tomorrow, I’m brewing a Pale Ale “inspired by” San Diego Session Ale - Menu In Progress. It’s an extract recipe, so I’ll do a 20 minute boil – “Short & shoddy” and very tasty!

Either Saturday or Sunday, I’ll probably brew a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale “clone” recipe - the one in Microbrewed Adventures uses Crystal 10L which is much lighter than more recent clone recipes. Gonna give it a try. I’ll probably pick up a couple of fresh singles of the real thing in a month for a side-by-side comparison.

No brewing this weekend, but will be checking gravity on my British strong ale I brewed last weekend. This will hopefully be what I’m sending in for NHC second round, otherwise I’ll have to send in three bottles from the batch I brewed for first round.

An american esb hopefully.

Just got a new bag of floor malted bohemian pilsner that’s calling my name I know I will brew something this weekend with it just not sure what yet. Thinking a amber Czech

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Congratulations on your NHC 1st round brew & best wishes for 2nd round.

For me, nothing brewing this weekend - just some new patio furniture (for the recently purchased house) and a couple of recent brews to enjoy.

Geez, I brewed a week ago Sunday, still fermenting action… I did sample tonight… down to 1.010! Haven’t had a 01 go that low… Did taste great!.. I cranked the freez-mentor down to 34… I trust I will keg Mothers day… Well, to condition anyways… Sneezles61

Me brewing tomorow a witbier


I have a ton going on this weekend…

  • Block Party Amber
  • Swig of Sunbeams IPA
  • Saison de Noel

and probably my Viking Blod mead clone!


Traveling this weekend down to my Dad’s 96th birthday party( and Mother’s day), but I’ve been brewing like a fiend this Spring. I need to have enough brews bottled to carry me through the various summer parties that I’ll be invited to (“oh, and by the way can you bring some homebrew?”). I have one more batch to do before shutting down before summer hits- it’ll be my 99th batch overall. Saving Batch 100 for September- thinking about a Rye Barleywine with the AHA’s Kvass recipe as a partigyle.

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Wow! 96 years! Cheers to your father! :beers:

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