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What's brewing this weekend (Jan 21 2017)

What’s brewing (or not) this weekend?

I’m planning to brew a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone recipe (from Microbrewed Adventures). I have some gallon fermenters available, so the plan is to make two gallons of wort, ferment one gallon with US-05 and one gallon with BRY-97.

Me did brew yester day. A 5 gallon deathringer. Partial mash. A nice. 1.060. Tomorow. Will brew a heffeweisen. At the brewery. 3 batches. Of 10 gallon.

I’m doing an IPA of some sort on Monday (took the day off). Simple grain bill with 2 row, a little c20 and c60, maybe some CTZ/Chinook action, and some sort of yeast. I usually use 1272, but I’m kind of on an English strain kick, so maybe I’ll check out what they have at the LHBS this weekend.

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I have a Caribou Slobber on day 6 in the fermentor. Increased the volume to 5.5 gallons and raised the OG by 6 points with additional Muntons dark DME.

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No brewing but I’ll rack my sour porter to a keg with some oak on Sunday

Have a session beer fermenting now simple grain bill.
6.5 # Golden Promise
1# caramel 80
1# cara Pils
2# Maris Otter
1oz Simcoe @ 30 min
West Coast IV (Omega)

Hopefully an ipa with a smattering of hops.

I’m brewing a kettle sour gose with lemongrass and Thai basil. About to pitch the Goodbelly, in fact.

Hats off to @porkchop for the endless stream of advice!

Recipe here:

Brewing an all centennial IPA tomorrow or Sunday AM depending on weather.

Saturday will be a double brew session: One IPA with a Cascade and Simcoe combo. 2-row & MO base with some C-60 in there, and about 1.068 OG. We’ll mash and finish this one a little higher for big body.The other will also be an IPA, but with Galaxy & Citra, and Golden Promise as the base. C20 and a bit of C40 for color. OG of 1.061, but we’ll mash this one low to keep it crisp and dry.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd version with FWH as primary bittering, then everything else is at the 3 minute mark, or whirlpool.

Sunday will be a kegging and cleaning day.

Busy this weekend with non-brewing related activities, but took off MLK day and brewed a batch of Nova Scotia PA. Cold hopped it on Wednesday, and the Krausen dropped yesterday. Have increased the temps. and will hit it again with more coldhops in a couple days.
I’m also putting together my submissions for this year’s Maine Homebrewer’s Competition, and downloaded the info. for the NHC.

Dopple bock… 12 lbs pils,1 lbs munich, 8 oz chocolate malt. I will add chocolate as I start to raise the temp form 158 all the way to 168, then pull the pull it. Northern brewer for bittering, 3/4 oz. 838 yeast… Simple easy… Oh, RO water, no additions… Tinkering a bit… I anticipate 7. or so ABV. Sneezles61

I’ve got a 7gal conical and a 14gal conical open. Was just speaking with SWMBO about getting some beers in the fermenter.

Any suggestions?

Depends on your pipeline situation. I like to brew lagers this time o year. Some Bock’s in particular.

I’ve found that I really enjoy brewing lagers. I’ve got a Dunkel and a light Lager using honey lagering. I’ve found I’m brewing about 50/50 ales/lagers. So I’m thinking an ale this time as I need something to drink that doesn’t require lagering…

Edited: I was thinking Irish red and a wit…

Since I’m BIAB, I will attempt to tweak a miabock in a few weeks, but I will employ rye… Lots of it, as I don’t have to worry of a stuck mash… I will have to search for some spicy side hops… Sneezles61

That sounds purty darn tasty!

No brewing for me, but I’m making a whole mess of invert sugar. Good use of time to make several pounds at a time, and put it in canning jars for later use.

Never got to brew over the weekend so I’m brewing my all centennial pale ale today. 5 gal batches are so much easier than 10 I may stick to them for a while.

I will brew the partial mash porter tomorrow. I held off doing the porter because the recent Speckled Heifer seemed a little off in body. I don’t think it was water treatment or sparge volume that did it. Most likely the mash temp dropped too low. Could be sampling too soon also. Wanted to serve this beer February 1.

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