What's brewing this(cold) weekend?

Have day off(at least until 8pm Pat Benatar concert, a valentines day gift for the missus) so am brewing the third and final of my lager series 34/70 slurry, a Maibock. Anybody else mashing? 61 degrees inside the house!

Tomorrow’s a high of 1-degree, and I’ll be brewing an IPA with built-up Hill Farmstead mixed-culture dregs.

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Tomorrows forecasted high is 5°F. I’ll be brewing NB’s Dead Ringer. The brew I’m doing is the extract version so the optimum brewing temp will be 68°F.

Big tongue-in-cheek: You really need to switch to extract.

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Except I can boil 8 gallons on my kitchen stove! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Our high is closer to 45 here but Ill be brewing my first biab caribou slobber. Pretty excited about trying an all grain…

just brewed a NB cream ale temp is about 18 deg. 64 in basement.

In all seriousness, 3-gallon all-grain batches are very easy indoors. You can even get a 3-gal Dead Ringer kit.

My glass flat top electric stove can easily boil the 4-ish gallon starting volume. No frostbite. We justhave to run the range vent full blast, otherwise we get condensation on everything, like after a hot shower.

I can get a 5 gallon batch to decent boil on electric range also, with 7.5 or 8 gallon starting volumes but 10 gallon batches clearly wouldn’t work with my setup. In florida it’s just too hot and humid most of the year to brew outside. Now we have the impending Zika thing to worry about :scream:
I also have significant condensation with 2 or 3 gallons of boiloff, and I recently noticed some mildew in the spice cabinet above the range. I pull the range out a bit for clearance with the BK height. That helps a little and the AC is on most of the year here in east central Florida. But I’ll have to try the range hood fan and continue to manually wipe down surfaces.

I been kinda quite lately about what I been brewing to day is schwarzvietler love my German beers and am continuing to win first place with some of the recipes.

I was going to brew this long weekend but I’ve been busy painting my bunker. Going to tap my maple trees instead, looks like after this cold snap the sap should be running good.

I finally juiced my apples and started another cider. Aiming for about 8% and this time since everyone couldn’t handle the last batch. Sweet stout is almost done so I’ll brew again next Sat.

Although I probably could do a partial mash on the stove and run a 5-gallon batch of something if I really wanted to, I’d be stealing grain from the batches I have planned next to do it. Add to that the fact that all three of my primary fermenters are still full and yea, no brewing this weekend. If I get ambitious in a bit, I’ll probably do some bottling, but that’s about it. I have an amber I could bottle and I have a wheat that I need to decide if it’s drinkable (something went awry in the process) before possibly bottling.

Bottled another amber and Denny’s Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter a few days ago. Have a third amber in one primary and two blonde Belgians in the others. Up on deck for brewing in the future I have a dark Belgian, an IPA, and a chocolate milk stout. Kicking around ideas for where to go after that. Looking at the weather I might be able to crank out the dark Belgian next weekend. Either that or the chocolate milk stout. Still need some hops for the IPA and money is tight.

Sounds like you need to have a party🍻

Just trying to build up my stockpile. I don’t really want to have to buy any beer this year. Last year I only brewed one batch and bought everything else. Besides, nobody comes to my parties anyway.

Looks like a lot of porters stouts and Belgians, I enjoy those also. But if you want people to come to your parties brew up some pales and lagers. They are very popular with the masses.

There’s three ambers there… I try to brew more of the heavy stuff and higher alcohol brews during the winter when I can easily handle raising the temperature towards the end of fermentation just by moving them closer to the boiler. I’m working on a plan to try brewing some lighter sessionable brews too for use on the boats in the summer. Right now I can’t brew lagers (other than possibly a california common) and I have no plans to change that in the near future. Right now my next equipment expense will be kegging equipment, but that probably isn’t going to happen until fall at the earliest.