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What yeast to use

plan on brewing a wheat this weekend. 50/50 2-row and wheat with citra and Sorachi Ace hops and lemon and sweet orange peel added. looking for a yeast without the clove, banana, bubblegum flavors.
would like it clean and crisp to let the hops and citrus flavors shine.

Dry: US-05
Liquid: WY1007

WY1056 / US-05 / WL001.

T-Can & Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown calls for it. ... n-kit.html

I’ve brewed this beer and it was good with US-05.

Good Luck


I do my American wheats with WLP320. I don’t get any of those flavors with it. It does have a lot of character and a nice haze. The hops come through well. I swear the yeast just asks for a little citrus.

I have one now that is 25% wheat, 25% spelt, 40% two row and 10% carahell. All summit with just flavor and dry hop additions. 28 IBU and about 10P. I think it’s really good.

I am thinking of using spelt in a beer, how does it compare to wheat? Is it the same to work with? How close is the taste?

I have brewed about the same recipe many times with rye. I’ve only made it once with spelt and so far I’ve only drank four 12 oz bottles of it. I’d have to go with what I’ve read, “imparts a dry, tart, and earthy character and aroma.” I need to do some more research. :cheers:

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