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What yeast to use in oatmeal stout?

I found this extract recipe online but the poster did not list the yeast he/she used. So I am looking for suggestions. It’s a 2.5 gallon, extract w/ grain, oatmeal stout. The O.G. is listed as 1.090 and the F.G. 1.010. With a 60 min boil (4 gallons to start)

6oz american crystal 60L
6oz american chocolate
2oz american black patent
4oz roasted barley
8oz flaked oats
2oz flaked barley

3 lb. amber dry malt ext.
1.5 lb. dark dry malt ext.

8g chinook (60 min.)
4g fuggles (45 min.)
4g kent goldings (30 min .)

I was thinking Safale-04 or Safale-05, but any imput is welcome! Thanks for your time look foward to hearing from you.

Your best bets for a stout are WLP004 or Wyeast 1084 – these are the Guinness yeasts. S-04 or US-05 would also be just fine for this beer. Yeast is not really a huge concern with this recipe, except to ensure that the yeast is fresh and healthy.

That recipe is a bit strong on the malt and weak on the hops. I suggest you double the hops for a more balanced beer. Other than that it looks very tasty.

I’d recommend Wyeast LondonESB to accentuate the malt.

I gotta tell you, there are a few things about that recipe that make me raise an eyebrow. The usage of amber and dark malt extracts is always a bit of a red flag. The OG of 1.090 and the FG of 1.010 don’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s a 10.5% ABV beer, and I’m thinking with that much extract and dark malts, no way are you getting down to 1.010. I’d look for something more tried-and-true.

I agree with this, OG of 1.090 is within the guidelines of an Imperial stout, whereas an oatmeal stout should top out somewhere around 1.065 or so. I’m thinking 1.015-1.020 is a more realistic expectation for FG on this one. Maybe even a little bit higher.

This recipe looks a lot like how oatmeal stouts were made 100 years ago. I would drink it. Sounds better when you call it a 1924 Barclay Perkins Imperial Oatmeal Stout Clone, doesn’t it?! Not that it is, but with a little research, heck, it very easily could be something along those lines!

US-05 would be your best bet for a yeast to get the final gravity down to about 1.018. I do agree there’s no way in hell that it will go down to 1.010, no way, unless you also add champagne yeast or something like that.

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